Re: Cann't su to other ID

From: augusta Zhou (meijun_Zhou_at_SHANGHAIGM.COM)
Date: 07/08/03

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    Date:         Tue, 8 Jul 2003 10:11:36 +0800
    To: aix-l@Princeton.EDU

    No user can be su to from root, and if I use telnet (e.g. user:augusta) to
    login with augusta ID.
    It will pass my password and disconnect soon with "3004-009 Failed running
    login shell.Connection closed."

    And I'm sure the user's shell is exist and home directory is too.

    Best Regards.
    Zhou Meijun

    IS Department
    Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd.

    Tel: (021)28902879
    Fax: (021)50317990

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    Do you mean that UserA cannot su to any other userid, or no user is able to
    su to UserA?

    Does it affect both "su" and "su -"?

    Simon Green
    Altria ITSC Europe Ltd

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    > From: augusta Zhou [mailto:meijun_Zhou@SHANGHAIGM.COM]
    > Sent: 07 July 2003 08:16
    > To: aix-l@Princeton.EDU
    > Subject: Cann't su to other ID
    > I donn't know how it occur.
    > Now, I cann't su to any other ID, it returns "Cannot set process
    > environment"
    > I never modified the ID's .profile file.
    > I guess whether there is some chaos of some system exec
    > program, but I'm
    > not sure which.
    > Any one have some suggestion?
    > Any help will be very appreciate.

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