Re: How do I drop raw devices/lv?

From: Alexandre Sato (alexandre.sato_at_BR.ABNAMRO.COM)
Date: 10/08/03

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    Date:         Wed, 8 Oct 2003 09:12:56 -0300
    To: aix-l@Princeton.EDU

    Stop Informix. As long as you keep Informix running, even if the database
    is dropped, the raw devices will still be under Informix I/O control.
    Donīt forget to remove the tablespaces definitions and other
    configurations that reffers to the logical volumes, on Informix.

    Best Regards,

    Alexandre Kazuo Sato.

    Nita Hyde <hydejl@SBAC.EDU>
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            Subject: How do I drop raw devices/lv?

    I have an AIX machine with an Informix database running on it. I
    dropped a test database and would like to reclaim the raw device space
    it occupied. I know the first requirement of Informix is to backup the
    entire database. That has been done. When I attempt to remove the lv,
    I receive the following error:
    0516-1008 rmlv: Logical volume riftst6lv must be closed. If the logical
             volume contains a filesystem, the umount command will close
             the LV device.
    In /dev, the spaces look like this:
    brw-rw---- 1 informix informix 26, 9 Aug 05 01:52 riftst5lv
    brw-rw---- 1 informix informix 24, 13 Aug 05 01:52 riftst6lv
    crw-rw---- 1 root system 26, 9 Feb 27 2003 rriftst5lv
    crw-rw---- 1 root system 24, 13 Mar 05 2003 rriftst6lv
    A list of the lv's shows this:
    riftst5lv jfs 116 116 2 open/syncd N/A
    riftst6lv jfs 86 86 2 open/syncd N/A

    There is no associated mounted file system. How do I close these lv's
    and reclaim this space? TIA

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