Re: Scripting-search for a word-URGENT

From: Mohamed Kamal (mohamed.kamal_at_SPDC.COM.EG)
Date: 01/15/04

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    Date:         Thu, 15 Jan 2004 14:55:49 +0200
    To: aix-l@Princeton.EDU

    Dear Praveen,
        You can use this command:

             sed -f test_script your_file | tail +3 | head -5
    here is the test script
          b a

    Best Regards
    Mohammed Kamal
    Systems Engineer

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    Subject: Scripting-search for a word-URGENT

    Hi *,
             I want to search for a string in a file say <AIX>, then display the
    next five lines after this line. Can someone help me doing this...I hope
    this is possible using sed which i am already looking at.

    Thanks in advance

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