Re: p650 internal disks

From: John F Riordan (jriorda2_at_CSC.COM)
Date: 01/28/04

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    Date:         Wed, 28 Jan 2004 08:56:43 -0500
    To: aix-l@Princeton.EDU

    Hello Holger,

    I just wanted you to know how my p650 came from IBM. It does sound like
    you are describing.

    Drawer:7038-6M2* --U0.1 (my internal bus)

    I too have two SCSI Bus Controllers. One is in use with the two internal
    disks as mirrored rootvg.

    Slot _4 in Drawer U0.1 is an unused SCSI controller.

    Hope this helps.


    John Riordan
    Unix Systems Administrator
    CSC / Bath Iron Works
    Bath, Maine


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    a p650 has 2 internal scsi-controller.

    I noticed that on all of my p650 the 2 internal disks (rootvg) are
    connected to the same controller. Nothing is connected to the 2nd

    If there are external (non ssa, non san) disks, there is a 3rd and 4th
    scsi-controller to which the disks are connected to.

    I see no point in connecting both rootvg-disks to the same controller as
    long there is an unused 2nd controller; neither regarding availability nor

    But I dont know if this setup is shipped from IBM like this or if it is
    done somewhere @ ibm in my country.

    So, could you please tell me if your p650 have the same setup?

    If anybody got an idea about any advantage with this setup, please let me



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