Re: gcc Installation

From: Darryl Ousterhout (D.Ousterhout_at_LABSAFETY.COM)
Date: 04/28/04

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    Date:         Wed, 28 Apr 2004 10:28:12 -0500
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    Not exactly sure what o/s your on or if you need the absolute latest
    version, but here's what I did, with 3.3.2.

    Got to

    I downloaded gcc 3.3.2 for AIX 5.2 it comes in a .exe. Change the perms
    on it and run it. It will extract a .bff which is installable with

    Or, if your not sure what your install did, type 'which gcc' and see if
    it's in the /usr/bin/ path. If it's /usr/bin/gcc, your all set.


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    I'm having trouble installing gcc. I downloaded the gcc.3.3.3.tar.Z
    file from the UCLA site, uncompressed and extracted it. As far as I can
    tell, there are no intructions in the package and I don't know how to
    proceed with the installation.

    The other site offering gcc,, has instructions but
    their package is different and the version is older (3.3.1).

    Suggestions? Thanks.


    Tim Muller
    Hamilton Co. Dept. of Job & Family Services Cincinnati, OH USA

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