Re: Nmon scheduling question

Your entry would be fine. I'm not sure where it writes the collection file
by default.

We use a script which we schedule once per day, at midnight. (Sorry: can't
give you the script.)
This will invoke nmon with: nmon -f -s300 -c288 -T -A
That's 288 data points at five minute intervals, which is 24 hours. (Twice
as often as you're proposing, but then that needs twice as much space.)
The script takes care of cleanup, so we keep about a month of data, (just
find -mtime...). Before invoking NMON, it cds to the appropriate directory
so that the output file is created where we want it.
There's some other logic in the script to check filesystem space, and
support different monitoring intervals but that's all fairly trivial.

Simon Green

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I know that nmon32 is not a supported tool by IBM but was wondering how
others had it setup. I have it installed on all my AIX 5.2 boxes and it
works great. I have used the analyzer spread sheet and all. I really like
this tool. I would like to add this as a cron entry to run everyday and
keep the files for maybe a week at a time. I want to make sure because
these look like they can get sizeable. What I was going to put is the
following: 0 1 * * * /tmp/nmon_aix32 -s600 -c 144

Does anyone have a suggestion on a cron setting so that I can capture daily
snapshots throughout the day but for the entire day?



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