Re: Move large number of files from AIX to Windows

I don't believe the size of the data is the problem, I believe it's the
quantity of files and folders (and depth of folders) involved that
contribute to the lengthy process. I can easily get ~45MB/s read and
write off the F80 using NFS while testing with ATTO Disk benchmark.


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Without getting the calculator out and figuring how many
seconds it should take; Are you sure the network adapters are
working properly? I've copied larger filespaces than 60GB
before, and it never took anywhere close to 36 hours. I
routinely use cygwin and ssh to copy large filesystems over
the network to a Windows machine, and it works just fine.

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Re: Move large number of files from AIX to Windows

Alan R Vidmar <Alan.Vidmar@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've got an F80 with a large number of files (1.6 Million
files, 800K
folders, ~60GB) on a JFS2 SSA Raid 5 array that I need to
get down to
a Windows server. I've been able to copy the files using
NFS and SSH,
but it just takes too long (~1.5 days) Both servers have Gb
interfaces and are working as expected, but NFS and SSH are just too
slow for this process.

I think the fastest way may be to move the files/folders to a
portable/removable drive that can be attached to each server. But I
just don't think there exists and interface/partition format that
both AIX and Windows2003 both support.

I also thought about TARing up the whole folder structure
then NFS or
SSH it down, but the TAR process seems to take half as long as the
transfer. Thus it's no time saver.

Any thoughts?

tar -c | nc on the AIX side and then nc | tar -x on the Windows side.
You'll of course need to find a version of netcat and tar for Windows.

This should be significantly faster than SSH although there is no
encryption or authentication.

You may also want to mount -noatime on the filesystem, if AIX
such a thing, as writing an updated entry when the file is
copied isn't
exactly useful for you.