Re: password less loging through ssh

Starting up a duplicate SSD server on an alternate port is a good way to
see what the issue is. Almost all of the "good" errors are on the SSHD

John T. Mills

< On host trying to connect to:
< /usr/sbin/sshd -d -d -d -d -p1974 -D
< on host attaching from
< ssh -v -v -v -p1974 host name

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try using the -vvv options to see exactly where it is failing.

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I am trying to login to aix server with ssh public keys,
and did all necessary steps, but still ssh is asking me to enter

scp .ssh/

and then tested and it didn't work, so logged in to remote server and
permission on authorized_keys and .ssh direcotory to 600 and even 400 ,
ssh poped up the password prompt.

any idea?


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