Re: VIO Servers Dual HBA SAN question

Hi, I've both scenarios (dual & single HBA on diferents VIO couples), if you
want VIO's failover work right with a single HBA, you'll need configure ISL
on SAN switchs in order to each HBA can reach each Storage Controller (In my
case DS4000 series storage).
It Works! xD


Juan Camilo Yanquen

On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 2:16 AM, km <km@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 28/08, John F Riordan wrote:
Hi All,

I have been running two vio servers with 9 vio clients attached to
CX600 and CX380 Storage. I currently have one HBA on each vio server.
recently upgraded from the CX600 to the 380 and I did have some minor
problems with fail-over. I am wondering if anyone is using dual HBA's
their vio servers. Doe it make sense to dual attach the vio servers?
thinking is if I had 4 paths instead of two to each vio server I would
have experienced the problems I encountered.

Just thinking out loud.

Thanks in advance

Is it really possible to get hold of single port HBA's nowadays anyway?

I have always used dual port HBA's for each VIO server to get redundancy
over two fabrics.

I do the same with the network, two or four gig ports connected to
different switches and then etherchanneled together.

Since the price for the hardware is almost non-existent (even with IBM
prices) never having to worry about SAN outages or never having to bring
VIO servers down because of SAN maintenance is paying itself pretty


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