SDDPCM adapter failure question

Here's the SDD adapter replacement/maintenance procedure from the IBM
docs. Does anyone have a similar one for SDDPCM? It's pcmpath instead
of datapath and the isn't a addpaths type command that I can find. Do
we really have to reboot for anything invasive on SDDPCM.


John T. Mills


1. Using the procedure in 13.5.1, "Cross-referencing the SDD adapter
number with the
WWPN" on page 248, obtain the SDD adapter ID.
2. Run the command datapath set adapter X offline where X is the SDD
adapter ID.
3. Run the command datapath remove adapter X. Again, X is the SDD
adapter ID.
4. Run rmdev -Rdl fcsY where Y is the FCS/FSCSI number. If you receive
an error
message about the devices being in use, you probably took the wrong
adapter offline.
5. Perform your maintenance
6. Run cfgmgr to detect your "new" HDisk devices.
7. Run addpaths to get the "new" HDisks back into your SDD vpaths.