Re: ldap and Kerberos

You can use netgroups within LDAP to control who can login to what


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Subject: Re: ldap and Kerberos

This is a usual question that I have been asked :

In case we create a user in LDAP, how we can restrict the user to access
only few servers.

I believe that is the place Kerberos come to play.

Is there any other solution to restrict users accessing servers that are
using LDAP ?

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If run in conjunction with AD, kerberized ldap installs will allow full
use of account administration. Without kerberos, you can pull the
password for authentication only.

John T. Mills


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Subject: ldap and Kerberos


Can someone explain the benefits if any ,of running Kerberos and ldap
together, instead of just using ldap ( TDS) for authentication.



David Tansley

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