Re: AIX 5.2 disk config issue.

Run the following command to see what the disk actually knows about the
volume group:

#>lqueryvg -Atvp hdisk0

This will read the vgda on the disk .. look at the items under Physical ..
this will tell you what PVIDs are in
rootvg as seen by the disk... see if 00c0b84e228a7fcd is in the list...

Run the next command to see if if ODM agrees with what you see on the disk.

#>odmget -q "name=rootvg and attribute=pv" CuAt

See if 00c0b84e228a7fcd is again on the list...

1) if both agree... reducevg didn't work ..

execute the reducevg command again and re-run both of the previous
commands to see if they agree now

2) Disk VGDA says hdisk1 is IN the volume group and ODM says the disk is
NOT in the volume group..

ODM is correct in your situation but the disk did not get updated
correctly ...

#resync the VGDA with the ODM information
#>synclvodm -v rootvg

Re-run the the two commands and see if everyone agrees

3) Disk VGDA says hdisk1 is OUT of the volume group and ODM says is in the
volume group..

Highly unlikely....

Match a odmdelete to remove the entry....

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Subject: AIX 5.2 disk config issue.

Recently, an IBM CE hot-swapped a mirrored disk in a running AIX 5.2 LPAR
without taking the steps to remove it from the VG (rootvg) first. The CE
was trying to "reseat" the disk following a maintenance action as the disk
didn't seem to activate properly. The disk appears to be bad, as its device
alias (hdisk0) no longer appears in the ODM per lsdev -Cc disk. The LVs on
hdisk0 were mirrored to hdisk3. LVM commands list the disk using its PVID,
but lspv <PVID> fails with the message "Unable to find device ID <PVID> in
the device configuration database".

rootvg also contains hdisks1, 2, 4 and 5; these disks contain a user-defined

This appears to be an LVM-ODM sync problem, but neither "synclvodm -v
rootvg" nor "redefinevg -d hdisk3 rootvg" were able to correct the problem.
Unfortunately, any maintenance commands on this system must be formally
approved by our customer before they can be executed, so real-time
"seat-of-the-pants" troubleshooting is difficult. No attempts have been
made to list the PV data using odmget, and we haven't tried using rmlvcopy
using the PVID with the mirrored LVs, since we're getting errors with lspv.

Any guidance?


James Jackson