openldap 2.0.21 on AIX 5.3

Is anybody running openldap 2.021 (installed from the RPM provided at
on AIX 5.3?

I can install it without errors, but I can't seem to configure it to
do anything particularly useful. I've followed various howtos that
I've found on the Web, and while I can get as far as creating a
searchable database on Linux (just to make sure that the problem isn't
necessarily me!), on AIX the same configurations don't seem to work.

Rather than clutter the list with my configs and ldifs, can somebody
confirm whether openldap is actually functional in AIX, or if I should
install something other than the RPM?

Sean Carte
esAL Library Systems Manager
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+27 31 373 2490
fax: 0866741254