Re: SFTP server for Windows wish SSH console functionality

When I was working for the Navy (contractor once removed), open source was
permitted on some projects and on others when the resulting software was
compiled on site using commercial compilers.

Is this an option? could you compile the openssh and openssl so long as
you started with source files that could themselves be examined for ...

If you were on Z or Linux on Z, I could point you to Tectia.

Have you looked at VanDyke Software VShell? It is an SSH server that also
contains SCP, SFTP, Secure FTP over SSL (FTPS).

Many thanks!

Bruce T.

Bruce T. Harvey
AIX Network Engineer

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[aix-l] SFTP server for Windows wish SSH console functionality

I've looked at countless vendors. I'm coming up empty-handed.
Shareware/Freeware is not an option because this is for a government

I need a SFTP server for Windows so I can copy files from AIX to Windows,
but the SFTP server needs to be able to allow me to SSH to the server to
perform file manipulation as well, once the file has been copied.

Anyone offer any assistance?


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