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From: Scott Long (
Date: 11/21/04

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    Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 16:54:09 -0700
    To: Chuck Robey <>

    Chuck Robey wrote:
    > I have been thinking of a private hobby project, to try to implement
    > FreeBSD on a palmtop based upon a version of the xscale processor. I have
    > several good reasons to try this. Currently, there is a version of Linux
    > running on it, so I expect not to have too hard a job of getting it
    > booted, but I haven't really tracked FreeBSD, from a very lo-level
    > standpoint, since FreeBSD-2.2 ... I don't know if FreeBSD remains a good
    > platform for such and item or not. The image has to be, roughly speaking,
    > capabable of running in a 64 Megabyte memory footprint.
    > The spacific machine in my mind is the Zaurus.
    > Am I talking to a bad spot here, abusing the list? Is there a better
    > place to try to launch off this subject? I would like to see if anyone
    > else wants to chat about it. I'm not yet looking for any help on it, I'm
    > not sure it;s a really big enough job for that, but I would like to jaw a
    > bit, if you catch my drift.

    Olivier Houchard has been making quite a bit of progress on the
    ARM/XScale port recently. I believe that he has an XScale dev board
    from Intel. You should talk to him to see how portable his work is to
    the Zaurus.


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