Re: RFC: Removing file(1)+libmagic(3) from the base system

On Wed, May 23, 2007 at 09:38:46AM -0700, Colin Percival wrote:
FreeBSD architects and file(1) maintainer,

I'd like to remove file(1) and libmagic(3) from the FreeBSD base system
for the following reasons:
1. I don't see it as being a necessary component of a UNIX-like operating
2. It's available in the ports tree.
3. Due to its nature as a program which parses multiple data formats, it
poses an unusually high risk of having security problems in the future
(cf. ethereal/wireshark).

Do either component do much parsing/reformatting of data? The major
drawback to wireshark is that it has to accept <N> different formats and
display them in human readable form. To do that it doesn't use a common
translation codebase with mapping files (which is what 'file' does), it
has <N> different binary parsers which each introduce their own
potential problems. Unless I'm missing something, all
file/libmagic have to do is look for binary signitures in the file
that identify it as being of a specific type.

The scope for file may have creeped over the years, but I do not see
the functionality needed in file as being anywhere close to the song &
dance that wireshark goes through, and as such I am not sure I
agree with your comparison.

The "file" program has been around as a standard part of UNIX and UNIX
clones for a long time, and unless there is an endemic problem with
the way the code works I personally would not be supportive of this move.

The one redeeming feature of file/libmagic as far as security is concerned
is that it doesn't act as a daemon, i.e., other code or user intervention
is required for an attacker to exploit security issues. This is why I'm
asking here rather than wielding the "Security Officer can veto code which
he doesn't like" stick. :-)

Can anyone make a strong argument for keeping this code in the base system?

Colin Percival
FreeBSD Security Officer

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