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My reply only concerns package/ports management.
Most of what you are expecting from the ports tree is coming soon (new
option framework) and most of what you are expecting from binary
packages will be done with pkgng.

Good news!

Just have a look for pkgng it is still
experimental but works quite well :).

I've looked to before that and there was almost empty page.
An illustration of another social problem - more should be known to the user
in the first place...

3) Conflicts: no way to have apache13 and apache22 the same time.
This is not a problem of the infrastructure nor of the package tools,
this has to deal with the said ports.
I'm pretty sure if you come with a path to solve this (for example
avoid file conflicts)

Separate PREFIX? How is it solved on another systems?

4) No dependence on base system. You may cut out something, recompile
world, deploy it on cluster and just then see that some packages are
now don't work.

6) Update problems. The version is just coded into name of package, and
dependencies are on the entire name, so there are situations when
install/upgrade of just one package may require rebuild 3/4 of all
pkgs. You cannot easiy modify installed package without editing pkgdb
manually. It is impossible to upgrade/replace package by out of the
box tools.

This will be solve with pkgng

And base system too? I've forgotten to write another idea in previous letter:
the kernel nowadays has FEATURE() macros which application could check, so
for packages something may be deployed, e.g. @basefeature GCC etc.
Same with $OSVERSION.

* OPTIONS need radio-buttons (e.g. only one of MySQL, PostgreSQL,
SQLite) and dialog(1) supports it.

This is coming soon to the ports tree, time to do more testings

The both versions "exactly one must be set" & "zero or one must be set" ?

Also, if packages are equal in rights to ports, they need
integrity/security check. So, package file name is now like: # chars allowed by windows

pkgng have an experimental multi repository support, even if we focus
on a clean single repository support.

Are there digital signatures for them in TODO ? :)

Their developments of pkg_* tools contain facilities to implement a
good package manager out-of-the-box, e.g. pkg_add there has flags:

| -A Mark package as installed automatically, as dependency of
| another package. You can use
| pkg_admin set automatic=YES
| to mark packages this way after installation, and
| pkg_admin unset automatic
| to remove the mark. If you pkg_add a package without
| specifying -A after it had already been automatically
| installed, the mark is removed.
| -U Replace an already installed version from a package.
| Implies -u.
| -u If the package that's being installed is already installed,
| an update is performed.

These are crucial to effective binary package management.

All of this can be done a better way with pkgng

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