Re: Sound Blaster Live DD5.1

From: Scott Long (
Date: 06/08/03

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    Date: Sun, 08 Jun 2003 11:00:24 -0600
    To: Emil A Eklund <>

    Emil A Eklund wrote:
    > I believe the soundblasters in dell machines are special in some kind, I
    > have a dell as well and the SB Live that came with it works fine under
    > windows, but does not work at all under FreeBSD, however I had an old
    > Live (exact same spec as the one that came with the machine) and it
    > works just fine, I have no idea what's different about the dell ones.
    > /Emil A Eklund
    > On Sun, 2003-06-08 at 17:41, Thomas T. Veldhouse wrote:
    >>I have recently purchased a Dell Dimension 8250 which contains a Creative
    >>Labs SoundBlaster Live! DD 5.1 card. My previous SoundBlaster Live! card
    >>was detected in FreeBSD 4.7, but this one is not detected in this machine
    >>using FreeBSD 5.1 RELEASE (cvsup to it). No pcm devices show during boot.
    >>Is there a way to give the kernel a hint? There is no way to shut of PNP in
    >>the BIOS, as Dell as not added this option.
    >>Windows XP is showing:
    >>I/O Range: DC40-DC5F
    >>IRQ: 18
    >>Thanks in advance,
    >>Tom Veldhouse

    Dell has a bad habit of using unique PCI-ID's for hardware that it buys
    from others. Can both of you do 'pciconf -lv' and post the output? It
    might very well be as easy as just adding the Dell IDs to the driver.


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