5.1 on a production box with some small problems (su, linux emu 7)

From: Karl M. Joch (k.joch_at_kmjeuro.com)
Date: 06/28/03

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    Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 00:43:34 +0200
    To: freebsd-questions@freebsd.org

    i run 5.1 on one of the inhouse production boxes successful. there are
    only 2 small points witch are a pain and i found no solution. box was
    fresh setup with 5.0 then cvsuped to 5.1.

    1. when starting some scripts su doesnt return from the shell and hangs
    on boot. when starting manually i get "tty output stopped". with exit
    there is a way out of this shell, but i havnt found a solution. most of
    the scripts runs since 3.x, at least 4.x and was working up to 4.8. one
    of this scripts is the pervasive sql server startup script which is part
    of the pervasive server for linux. using #!/compat/linux/bin/sh doesnt
    help. there are 2 lines in it starting sqlmgr and psql with:
    echo "commands...." | /bin/su - psql || exit 1
    after the 1st one tty output is stopped. the other script is vmware and
    vncserver related and uses linux emu too.

    2. the pervasive sql server (running under linux emu 7) has a daemon
    named mkded witch was running since a long time till 4.8. on 5.1 i have
    the strange problem, that if the daemon is startet with the -start
    option (which should put it in the background) there is no listener
    opened. netstat -an doesnt show a listener on port 3351, but the daemon
    is running without logging any error. when starting mkded with the
    -console flag whitch keeps it in the forground the listener is opened
    and a connection is possible. i meanwhile use screen, starting up with a
    detached session and the -console flag to have it running, but a
    solution would be really great because this slows down the database
    access dramaticly.

    Best regards / Mit freundlichen Gruessen,
    Karl M. Joch
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