BETA3 Release Notes

From: Scott Long (
Date: 09/05/04

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    Date: Sun, 05 Sep 2004 15:13:05 -0600

    The FreeBSD Release Engineering Team is proud to announce the
    availability of FreeBSD 5.3-BETA3. This is the third BETA of the 5.3
    release cycle. It is intended for early adopters and those wishing to
    help find and/or fix bugs. The 5.3 release cycle will continue with
    weekly BETA builds while bugs are being fixed and features finalized.
    The schedule is at
    Be sure to check the "Known issues" below, there are known problems
    still being worked on at this time.

    Fixes and Enhancements made since BETA2:

         - MP-safe network stack is now enabled by default.
         - Add support for loadable modules on amd64.
         - Misc. acpi fixes.
         - Misc. fixes and enhancments (mostly gnutar compatibility) to
         - X server configuration has been removed from sysinstall, it is
           best done post-install.
         - Better ftw() and nftw() implementations imported from OpenBSD.
         - Misc. pf fixes.
         - Fix to maestro sound card driver.
         - Fix to md device driver that allowed mdconfig(8) to exit before
           filenames appeared in /dev.
         - Fixes that allow use of TGA2 adapter in Alpha.
         - Correct a denial-of-service vulnerability in zlib.
         - Misc. fixes to aic7xxx driver.
         - Fixes to schedulers.

    Known issues in this release:

         - There are scattered reports of data corruption on SMP systems
           under high load. This could be due to a known bug in the gvinum
           subsystem, but it could be due to unknown factors. We are
           investigating this and hope to correct it soon.
         - pst(4) is known to cause a system panic during the boot time.
         - The Synaptics Touchpad mouse support is known to have issues with
           responsiveness. It can be disabled with
           'hint.psm.0.flags="0x200"' in "/boot/device.hints". This will be
           resolved for the release.
         - On sparc64 only, there is a problem using ATA devices in DMA
           mode. The loader has been temporarily set up to disable DMA
           in the ATA device driver. The problem has been identified but
           a fix is still in the works.
         - Kernel and user-level debugging aids (INVARIANTS, WITNESS,
           user-level malloc, etc) are still enabled so do not use this BETA
           as an indication of speed.

         A complete list of defects that will be fixed for the release can be
         found at


         For people wishing to upgrade older systems using cvsup(1) and the
         procedure described in src/UPDATING the CVS tag to use is RELENG_5
         at this point. Note that like all RELENG_X branches this is an
         active development branch. We do not recommend those branches for
         normal use (for normal use RELENG_X_Y branches are more appropriate,
         e.g. RELENG_4_10 is the current stable branch).

         As of this writing, ISO images and FTP install directories are
         available for the following architectures:

             i386: all images available
             alpha: mini ISO available
             amd64: mini ISO available, disc1 with packages will be available
             ia64: mini ISO available
             pc98: mini ISO available
             sparc64: all images available

    MD5 (5.3-BETA3-alpha-bootonly.iso) = 6407ae17db85361ba4194d1f53df0dd0
    MD5 (5.3-BETA3-alpha-disc2.iso) = a8f07884750e60b427d309c45d86100d
    MD5 (5.3-BETA3-alpha-miniinst.iso) = 74125f9ea9e215cfc9ed4f089410723c

    MD5 (5.3-BETA3-amd64-bootonly.iso) = eda3bad2b1b8ad33048464277e02698c
    MD5 (5.3-BETA3-amd64-disc2.iso) = 25a8bef2756548d2756d281210e3d8bd
    MD5 (5.3-BETA3-amd64-miniinst.iso) = 3bbeb365d08360797a41903841ba1751

    MD5 (5.3-BETA3-i386-bootonly.iso) = ca5b1cca7f677d4c456b6373f15e8e43
    MD5 (5.3-BETA3-i386-disc1.iso) = 3d562562786f2ca432a8085029380f73
    MD5 (5.3-BETA3-i386-disc2.iso) = c805ae7df8cd43593b080fa3300d52da
    MD5 (5.3-BETA3-i386-miniinst.iso) = 900f994e1887b3c5c1d908f50f56ebbd

    MD5 (5.3-BETA3-ia64-bootonly.iso) = 97c3f51233dbd2dd70cd40ed5ff9e284
    MD5 (5.3-BETA3-ia64-disc2.iso) = 38b9a4620dacb5bc3157c08b1675a9ba
    MD5 (5.3-BETA3-ia64-miniinst.iso) = d6a496552372ba2cbb45674f9b8d85e7

    MD5 (5.3-BETA3-pc98-disc2.iso) = 034b3d37bd05ff2e68494114501cf429
    MD5 (5.3-BETA3-pc98-miniinst.iso) = 535afa47704fdcb3cc63006ee0ae16f3

    MD5 (5.3-BETA3-sparc64-bootonly.iso) = 97a0dfe362ad699ffc227ca418ff118a
    MD5 (5.3-BETA3-sparc64-disc2.iso) = 3c096fb229c9cfa4afb47ca5b20ec3a6
    MD5 (5.3-BETA3-sparc64-miniinst.iso) = 67f418e3ab03b15e934a093bac5379d1

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