Re: Bug in #! processing

From: Sławek Żak (
Date: 09/30/04

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    To: "David G. Lawrence" <>
    Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 15:16:21 +0200

    "David G. Lawrence" <> writes:

    >> What circular reference? Could you elaborate? The algorithm goes like this:
    >> 1. skip all space till #!
    > The #! is required to be in the first two bytes of the file, so there
    > can't be any spaces before it.

        Oh. Thus in following script:

    thirst<zaks>(1950)% cat
    ps -lp $$

        Which generates following output.
    thirst<zaks>(1949)% ./ /tmp
     1001 31645 31278 0 8 0 1636 1024 wait S+ p5 0:00.00 sh ./

        the interpreter is assumed to be /bin/sh. That's fine with me.

    > I wrote the code you guys are talking about, although I had nothing to do
    > with the commit in rev 1.21. I don't have an opinion on that other than
    > it's been this way in FreeBSD for a long time and I share Ceri's concern
    > that changing it will affect some people.

        By no means I wish to force anyone to fix their scripts for 5.3
        release. Period. I would only like to use Allegro CL in scripts, which
        unfortunately considers -#! valid in argument list and acts accordingly on
        all platforms besides FreeBSD. Some (in)compatibility shim would be
        great. Please! :)


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