Re: number of CPUs and IPI panic

From: Nik Azim Azam (
Date: 11/12/04

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    Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 06:19:30 -0800 (PST)
    To: "Ketrien I. Saihr-Kesenchedra" <>, Josh Tolbert <>

    Win2K Advanced Server works just fine here.

    --- "Ketrien I. Saihr-Kesenchedra"
    <> wrote:

    > Josh Tolbert wrote:
    > >Win2K Advanced Server works just fine on these
    > boxes, no special patches needed. FreeBSD-4.x ran
    > just fine on my Revolution 6x6 (also 6x PII
    > OverDrive; you can see it at
    > If you
    > >want high-detail pics of a 6x6 motherboard, let me
    > know. I have a spare dead one that I looted some
    > parts from to revive my working one.
    > >
    > >I haven't tried FreeBSD-5.x on my 6x6, mainly cause
    > the thing is disassembled until I build a case for
    > it. Mine never had problems crashing under heavy
    > load with 4.x, though.
    > >
    > >
    > Indeed, but there's one detail being overlooked;
    > You're dealing with a genuine ALR. What we have in
    > this instance is a
    > Unisys Aquanta Hx/6. The Hx/6 is not identical to
    > the ALR, because
    > Unisys can't leave good enough alone. (I had to deal
    > with a DS6, which
    > is based on the Revolution 4-way.) I definitely
    > would not put stupid
    > BIOS tweaks past it; in fact, I would very much
    > expect them.
    > As far as functionality; oh, yes, I can also confirm
    > that on 4.x they
    > were fine. I had opportunity to test a DS6, though,
    > and it would -not-
    > behave unless I told it I was Windows NT. The Unisys
    > part here may be a
    > similar situation. In fact, comparing your dmesg, I
    > can say with some
    > certainty that the Unisys part is not the same. For
    > example; there is no
    > pcic0. (This still may be erroneous.) Not
    > remembering 4.x too well, the
    > boot order also has me wondering, but that may just
    > be 4.x.
    > Somewhere around here I should have a bunch of notes
    > on the ALR
    > implementation. Both of those seem off to me for
    > several reasons; I see
    > two Orions detected when I'm fairly certain we
    > should detect a total of
    > three (not including memory card.) ISTR the APIC
    > being a 24 pin, as
    > well. I'll have to see if I can find what disk I
    > stuck them on.
    > -ksaihr

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