Re: junk after endif

From: Matthew Sullivan (
Date: 04/28/05

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    Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 15:51:08 +1000
    To: Chuck Robey <>

    Chuck Robey wrote:

    > in making the environment for my new sparc box, I'm building a new
    > buildworld for the sparc, that that's giving me REAMS of useless
    > errors about "junk at the end of the line", you know what it is from
    > watching the error come up from cpp listings...except that these come
    > from make, not from C code... having this come up in the situation I'm
    > in, with zero (besides merely a KERNCONF) in the /etc/make.conf, then
    > having this error come up so often it obscures the real listing is
    > egregiously crazy.
    > So, the fix falls into one of these categories:
    > 1) there is a magic incantation I don't know, and don't have time to
    > hunt down, that kills this warning in make, and I need to know this,
    > but that's not the fix ... the fix is (possibly) to make the default
    > action that this is NOT a warning.
    > 2) I know that many folks like to do this to endif's, but it's an
    > warning in C, and we should tell the folks who like it "tough" and
    > take them out.
    > However it's decided, to squish the warning or to squish the tags,
    > it's unacceptable to leave those semantically useless warnings laying
    > about, hiding real problems.
    I got them when going from HEAD to RELENG_5_3 ... rm -r /usr/obj fixed it.


    Matthew Sullivan
    Specialist Systems Programmer
    Information Technology Services
    The University of Queensland

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