HEADS UP! 6.0 Schedule, 6.0-CURRENT Snapshot

From: Scott Long (scottl_at_samsco.org)
Date: 06/04/05

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    Date: Fri, 03 Jun 2005 21:14:26 -0600
    To: "'FreeBSD Current'" <freebsd-current@freebsd.org>, hackers@freebsd.org


    The long anticipated and much feared 6.0 code freeze is about to begin!
    I'll cut to the chase:

    June 10 - Feature freeze + code slush

    July 10 - RELENG_6 branch
    August 1 - RELENG_6_0 branch
    August 15 - 6.0-RELEASE

     From June 10 until the release, the number one priority is fixing bugs.
    All of the dates after June 10 are somewhat fluid and subject to change
    depending on where we are with stability. We won't release 6.0 until
    it is ready, but I'm pretty confident that we'll have it ready by

    Since SMPVFS is on by default on i386 and amd64, we need as much testing
    and bug fixing there as is possible. Jeff has been doing a fantastic
    job on this, but I'm sure that more help would be appreciated. Also,
    now is the time to start tracking down whatever strange panics or poor
    performance anyone might be seeing; the system is pretty stable at the
    80% level, but there are a lot of edge cases that we need to work on
    to make it a good release. A stroll through the mailing lists and PR
    database would be a good place to start for anyone that wants to help.

    Again, the plan is for 6.0 to be a modest replacement for 5.x. We do
    plan on a 5.5 release in September to tie up the branch and help people
    move to 6.0/6.1, but 6.x is truly just a much improved 5.x at this
    point. For those with bosses who are fainting at the thought of there
    being a 7-CURRENT around the corner and 5-STABLE coming to a close,
    please keep in mind that migrating from 5.x to 6.x is trivial and is
    worthwhile. However, we need to do the branch now so that we can keep
    things like SMPVFS under control and produce a high-quality series of
    releases with it. For those who have already adopted 5.x and cannot
    spend the time/money to migrate again, RELENG_5 will still have secteam
    support into at least 2007 (going by their normal formula), and I expect
    there to be normal feature and bug-fix commits to it for at least
    another year from now.

    To jump-start the testing, I've posted a new set of 6.0-CURRENT
    snapshots to ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/snapshots/Jun_2005.
    Once the freeze starts, I expect a new snapshot to be posted every 1-2
    weeks until we get close to the release. So, please help test, report,
    and fix bugs!


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