Re: identd with FreeBSD 6.0?

From: Kevin Lamothe (
Date: 09/30/05

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    Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 06:01:15 -0400
    To: Doug Barton <>

    Doug Barton wrote:

    >Kevin Lamothe wrote:
    >>Hey there, I've tried FreeBSD 6.0-Beta 1 up till 5, so far I cannot get
    >>identd to work properly. the daemon runs but it doesn't reply the
    >>username when services such as irc request it.
    >>I've tried oidentd and pidentd. Any ideas?
    >The two most common problems here are a firewall, and/or lack of permissions
    >in /etc/hosts.allow. Also, were you aware that the native inetd contains an
    >ident service? Do your logs show any errors?
    Yeah I know the inetd one works, but none of the standalone daemons seem
    to work with FreeBSD6, I'm using the latest oidentd on my FreeBSD 5
    server. I used the same config on both of them.

    Theres no firewall on the machines its self, and hosts.allow and deny
    are blank.

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