Re: bge(4) problem

Hi Gleb,

thanks for your help.

P> But I have a problem with two dual port Broadcom cards plugged in into
P> this box:
P> <Broadcom BCM5704C Dual Gigabit Ethernet, ASIC rev. 0x2100>

Not related to problem, but how did you managed to install two PCI
cards into 1U server?

There is a adapter so they are sitting parallel to the mainboard.

Are the NICs a copper ones? Do they work properly against each other,
or against any other equipment?

Yes, they are copper. I did not try to connect them against each other but I tried to connect them to the data centre uplink (100 MBit, I do not know what it is..anyway, the onboard cards are working with it.) It worked with 100MBit but I saw the same packet loss there.

Since you are connecting them to a switch that is 1000 km away, I suppose you are using some media converters; what equipment is the NIC connected to?

Sorry, I wasn't clear. Both, Dell Powerswitch and server, are 1000 km away (in Sydney, I am sitting in Melbourne) but they are both in the same rack connected by a 2m CAT-6 cable.

The fact that I am 1000km away limits my ability to access the hardware. I only have remote console access.

Do you have a proven evidence that Linux works properly in the same setup?
What is the version of Linux kernel?

I tried a Fedora Core 4 rescue CD. All NICs were working fine with them. It is a 2.6.11 kernel (heavily patched by Red Hat so it is far from being a vanilla 2.6.11).

Thanks again for your answer
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