tun0 unsuitable for nmap?

Not sure where the problem is, so I just ask it here.

nmap has not been working for me since I switched to using user-ppp
with tun0. Though I am connected to the unternet, nmap would report:

leafy@chihiro:~$ sudo nmap -v -sS <hostname>

Starting Nmap 4.10 ( http://www.insecure.org/nmap/ ) at 2006-06-26 17:22 CST
WARNING: Unable to find appropriate interface for system route to <my
dsl ip per tun0>

nexthost: failed to determine route to <ip for remote hostname>

Routing table shows:

leafy@chihiro:~$ netstat -r
Routing tables

Destination Gateway Flags Refs Use Netif Expire
default 203-70-98-1.adsl.d UGS 0 984046 tun0
localhost localhost UH 0 239838 lo0
192.168.0 link#2 UC 0 0 fxp1
203-70-98-1.adsl.d 203-70-98-57.adsl. UH 1 0 tun0

Is there anyway I can make this work?


"Without the userland, the kernel is useless."
--inspired by The Tao of Programming
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