KDE & OpenSSL 0.9.8 in -CURRENT (was: kdenetwork-kopete-0.11_X not connecting to MSN on -CURRENT (PR ports/103329)

Nicolas Blais schrieb:
I made a PR (http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=103329) about this
problem but since Michael Nottebrock doesn't have access to a -CURRENT
machine, he proposed that I post the problem on this list.

Any suggestions?

A few remarks from me: When the ports version of openssl was upgraded to
0.9.8 a good long while ago, similar problems with KDE cropped up. The
main issue is that KDE both links to and dynamically loads the openssl
libraries, supposedly to avoid problems with binary-incompatible openssl
versions. This works reasonably well on Linux, where openssl usually
resides somewhere below /usr, just as KDE usually does. On FreeBSD
however, with KDE in /usr/local and openssl possibly in /usr *and*
/usr/local and quite possibly with different versions in each of these
places, things start to go wrong.

I don't believe there is an actual problem with KDE and openssl 0.9.8
per se (it works fine on Linux), but things are very likely to not work
if there are different versions of openssl in /usr and /usr/local at
compile time or at runtime and having old openssl 0.9.7 libraries
floating about and some kde library getting linked to both 0.9.7 and
0.9.8 may result in unpredictable behaviour as well.

Like Nicolas wrote, I'm unable to run -CURRENT right now, so if anyone
*has* a sufficiently clean 7-CURRENT, that is with no openssl ports
installed and no old openssl-0.9.7 libraries left in the file system,
I'd appreciate some confirmation that KDE and its openssl-sensitive
parts (https in Konqueror, ssl/tls connections in kmail, kwallet,
kopete) are working okay on that system.

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