Re: CPU utilization

Randall Stewart <rrs@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
I have three machines.

1) stewart - running 7.0 (2.8gig p4 dual core)
2) bsd1 - running 7.0 (2.8gig Xeon Hyperthreaded)
3) bsd2 - running 6.2 (2.4gig Xeon Hyperthreaded)

Now if I run tests that max out cpu (at least I think
they do).. I see <1> or <2> drag down to 1% idle/ even
0 %idle.

However <3> never drops below 50% idle.. it preforms
a lot slower too.. which I expect since it is somewhat
of an older processor.. but in running say
top -S I see CPU 1 always running the idle process...

By default, 6.2 doesn't schedule processes on the virtual core on a
hyperthreading CPU.

Dag-Erling Smørgrav - des@xxxxxx
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