Re: Can't build RELENG_6 from HEAD?

Matthew Jacob writes:
| gcc 4.X will barf all over RELENG_6 code. Better start thinking about
| a jailed build.

And if you do script something like:


REVISION=`cd ${ROOT}/sys/conf && grep REVISION= | cut -f2 -d'"'`
BRANCH=`cd ${ROOT}/sys/conf && grep BRANCH= | head -n1 | cut -f2 -d'"'`
UNAME_v="$UNAME_s $UNAME_r #0: Thu May 4 07:54:55 PDT 2006 root@a21p:/data/home/ambrisko/current/usr/src/sys/$UNAME_p/compile/THINK"
OSVERSION=`awk '/\#define.*__FreeBSD_version/ { print $3 }' < ${ROOT}/sys/sys/param.h`
if [ -r $ROOT/dev/zero ]
echo dev already mounted
sudo mount -t devfs dev $ROOT/dev
sudo ln -sf $ROOT/libexec/
sudo sh -c '( echo "" ;\
echo "") > ${ROOT}/etc/libmap.conf'
sudo cp ${ROOT}/etc/libmap.conf ${ROOT}/etc/libmap32.conf
sudo chroot $ROOT

You can then build i386 on amd64 or i386 on i386. Ports will build and
pkg_add works :-) Inside uname -a will report 6.X for i386.

I think it would be nice to put some of this into the src/Makefile
so you can do "make chroot" and it would set this up and throw you into
a chroot/jail/vimage.

At work we extended it to 4.X. This way we can build everything
on a FreeBSD amd64 machine for 6.X i386, 6.X amd64 or 4.X i386 code.
The 4.X is important to link with 3rd party code. It simplifies our
build machines and I can build our stuff on a amd64 -current box.

Doug A.
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