Re: FreeBSD 6.x and HP?

Thanks for the quick response Walter.

Previously, I have tried with CentOS 5.0 as a 64-bit install, and I have managed to get that installed fine. I have a few machines in production running with that configuration. As for RAM, in this case, it was with only 2 gig in a 2x1024MB DIMM kit. I'm not sure as to the status of EIST however, I beleive it is enabled. I will check this out tomorrow when I have a chance as the machines themselves aren't at my home. I'll also give 7.0 a whirl and see what the outcome of that is.

Cheers again for the response.

Walter Vaughan wrote:
Pete wrote:
Hey there,

I've been having a rather unusual, but very annoying issue with HP DL140 G3 Servers and FreeBSD. I thought I might give the mailing list a try to see what I can find and whether anyone else has had similar issues. When trying to install FreeBSD 6.x AMD64, as these boxes look to have the Woodcrest core Xeon CPUs (5100-series), which support EMT64T, I have encountered the following issues.

When using FreeBSD 6.1, I can't even get as far as sysinstall. The server tends to hang when initializing the drives just before it enters into the usual setup utility. When using FreeBSD 6.2, I can get into sysinstall, however, I get as far as configuring the slices and starting the install. After this has been done it begins extracting the data into the root directory, the machine then hangs. I don't believe it to be a hardware fault within a single machine as I have tried with a total of 3 of these machines with the same configuration.

My original thoughts were with the LSI RAID controller I have in the machine. However, If I use the i386 FreeBSD 6.2 CD to install, the installation completes fine, the server reboots and comes up normally. No issues with drives, etc.

So you are trying to install FreeBSD-AMD64? Hum. FreeBSD was first OS to support the AMD64 AFAIK. This has been working for a long time.

Does your bios have a setting to enable/disable 64 bit mode?

Did you check this setting in your bios?

You don't want 4 gigs of memory it that is what you have. Pull out a stick or add a stick. Download/burn/Pop in a Ubuntu AMD64 CD. See if that comes up fine. If that works, try a snapshot release of "current", but I don't think there is magic in 7.0 that 6.2 does not possess in this case.

Its going to be something simple.

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