Re: GSoC2007: cnst-sensors.2007-09-13.patch

On 19/09/2007 01:13, Doug Barton wrote:
On Thu, 13 Sep 2007, Constantine A. Murenin wrote:

Dear freebsd-{arch,current,hackers}@,

On this 256th day of 2007, it is my great pleasure to announce the completion of my GSoC2007 project on porting the sysctl hardware sensors framework from OpenBSD to FreeBSD.

This works great on my C2D:

hw.sensors.cpu0.temp0: 79.00 degC
hw.sensors.cpu1.temp0: 82.00 degC

Sensor Value Status Description
cpu0.temp0 82.00 degC
cpu1.temp0 84.00 degC

(the temp went up because I was compiling something).

Thanks for testing!

Two small comments about the rc.d stuff. First, the empty _flags variable in defaults/rc.conf should be commented out. Second, the rc.d

How so? I don't see any other empty _flags variables in defaults/rc.conf being commented out.

script needs the shutdown KEYWORD.

Similarly, I don't see why this is needed -- it was not used by the scripts on which this script was based on (the history is in p4). Reading through rc(8) doesn't seem to suggest that this keyword would actually be applicable here.

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