Re: Hard crash with new snd_hda.

Adam McDougall wrote:
Thanks, I tried it and it works! I didn't have to patch codec
information into the driver to make my laptop speakers work,
and they were selected by default (lucky for me). I did not
test headphones yet, but I will later. I plan on
comparing the old hda driver with the new one and see what
patches would be appropriate to submit to clean up some of
the "Unknown"s when I have a chance.

hdac0: <HDA Codec #0: Unknown Codec>
hdac0: <HDA Codec #1: Conexant (Unknown)>
hdac0: <HDA Codec #2: Unknown Codec>
pcm0: <HDA codec #0 Unknown Codec PCM #0> on hdac0
pcm1: <HDA codec #0 Unknown Codec PCM #1> on hdac0
pcm2: <HDA codec #2 Unknown Codec PCM #0> on hdac0

Send me your verbose boot messages.

Alexander Motin
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