Re: ROOT MOUNT ERROR: booting from a built-in flash reader

On Sun, 17 Jan 2010 17:00:46 +0200 Alexander Motin wrote:
Boris Samorodov wrote:

I've got a EEEPC-1000 and boot FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT i386 r202342
from a SDHC card inserted into the built-in flash reader. The OS
stops while mounting a root filesystem and prompts for a manual
root filesystem specification.

The da0 disk appears at the system console just after the
"mountroot>" propmt. If I type ufs:/dev/da0s1a the boot proceeds.

Are there any patches for testing? ;-)

Now I am working on a new scan routine for CAM. I'll probably publish
patches in a few days. If your card reader (AFAIK there are USB-based

Yes, it's the USD device.

will be able to register it's SCSI bus to CAM before the rest of
CAM-supported controllers (for example, ata(4) with ATA_CAM) finish
their scan, new routine will manage system waiting for it also. It not -
it will be a another question.

OK, I'll wait for your patches, thanks.

WBR, Boris Samorodov (bsam)
Research Engineer, Telephone & Internet SP
FreeBSD Committer, The Power To Serve
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