Re: gpart and sector size

On 2010-04-08 21:34, Alexey Tarasov wrote:
Thank you for the information.
In 8-STABLE snapshot 201002 diskinfo shows 512k sector size yet.
I will try CURRENT tomorrow.

It looks like the code was MFC'd to stable/8 in r199443. However, even
in -CURRENT, the sector size you see in diskinfo will also be 512B.

For ada(4) disks, it seems the d_sectorsize field of geom_disk's struct
disk is initialized using the _logical_ sector size, not the physical
sector size (which may be a multiple of the logical sector size).

That said, if the physical sector size is larger than the logical
sector size, the d_stripesize field is initialized with it. So if you
run "diskinfo -v" on the disk, what is the output for stripesize?
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