R: Re: libstc++ (?) problem on CURRENT?

* Barbara <barbara.xxx1975@xxxxxxxxx>, 20101106 10:57:
Just to be clear, I'm not looking for a solution about the port here,
I'm just wondering why the same c++ code is working on 8_STABLE and
it's segfaulting on CURRENT, considering also that AFAIK the gcc
version in both the base systems is the same.

I am a real STL newbie, so I could be wrong. Maybe it's not allowed to
remove an element in the map you're currently iterating. Therefore
you're accessing memory which has been deallocated.

I'm sure you're not worse than me! :)
Anyway that's what I was thinking when I wrote the patch.

This may crash on HEAD and not on 8-STABLE for various reasons. For
example, malloc() in HEAD has all sorts of debugging options enabled,
while 8-STABLE does not.

So you think that the problem is really in the original source code, but
exposed only on CURRENT.
That could be an option.


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