Re: BSDInstall: merging to HEAD

On Jan 14, 2011, at 19:31 , Marcel Moolenaar wrote:
On Jan 14, 2011, at 10:26 AM, Nathan Whitehorn wrote:

The final architecture on which we use sysinstall, ia64, is currently unsupported, because I don't know how to set up booting on those systems -- patches to solve this are very much welcome.

Don't let this stop you. I'll work with you on this after the dust
has settled.

Just out of random curiosity. Seriously.

Exactly why, short of "of course it runs", in which case NetBSD is --> way, why are we even trying to handle ia64 as a platform, regardless of tier, when it is patently obvious that it is going absolutely _nowhere_ in terms of a viable platform?

I ask the question in all seriousness. Ports/Packages, well, a decent amount of them won't work on anything less than (i386|amd64) but that's nothing new. But even spending time building them for, what, the <200 (I'm being generous) folks that run FreeBSD/ia64.

We _have_ a 64-bit platform. It's /amd. The fact that even as we speak, random chip manufacturers are banging out new P4/Xeon processors conforming to this standard, years after they had a vague chance to steal the server market, indicates that this line is dead. _dead_. DEAD.

At least I can pick up a box for <$50 from ebay and run /sparc64 on it. Say the same for /ia64? Didn't think so.

Nuke it. From orbit. With extreme prejudice.


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