Re: current status of digi driver

On 2011-Jun-23 17:55:15 -0400, David Boyd <David.Boyd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It appears that there was also agreement that (at least) some of the
drivers, digi included, would be converted soon after 8.0-RELEASE.

That came down to developer time and it appeared that I was the only
person interested in it.

Is there any plan to bring digi forward?

See kern/158086 (which updates digi(4)) and kern/152254 (which re-
implements TTY functionality that was lost with TTYng). Both include
patches that should work on either 8.x or -current. Of the two, the
latter is more urgent because it impacts the KBI.

We have about 55 modem ports over ten 8-port Xr cards (PCI) that connect
remote sites via dial-up.

I've only got access to PCI Xem cards that are used for serial console
concentration so it would be useful for you to test both the Xr cards
and dial-in support.

Peter Jeremy

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