Re: SeaMonkey eats the CPU as of r232144

David Xu wrote:
I am also running the seamonkey and can not reproduce the problem.
maybe he did hit the race window when I was committing the patches ?
can he update and install the world and kernel again to see if the problem
is still existing ?

Yes, he has just rebuilt his world and kernel again, using the latest revision, and he found that the problem disappeared. Although SeaMonkey's CPU usage still doesn't snap to 0 during inactivity.

David Xu wrote:
> I suspect that your kernel and libthr are out of sync. You have
> installed only new version of kernel
> or libthr and forgotten to install another ? With -CURRENT, it is better
> to update whole tree and
> install whole tree includes kernel.

No, I deliberately didn't build a new world (because it takes ~10 times as long to build a world+kernel combination compared to just a kernel). I always had the impression that using an older world with a more recent kernel is almost always supported, and the exceptional cases are noted in the UPDATING file, as a quote shows: "User utilities using SIOCAIFADDR, SIOCAIFADDR_IN6, e.g. ifconfig(8), need to be recompiled.".
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