LLVM compiler backend for AMD Radeon HD r600 - the potential solution for OpenCL in FreeBSD?

I read this week this article on Phoronix:


Well, it looks promising to me in terms of having also OpenCL
capabilities for GPGPU, but as the report says, the code is not finished
and still in a very preliminary stage.

What is the opinion of the FreeBSD people about this approach? Does the
Gallium3D/Mesa driver with LLVM have the ability to bring
professionality of HPC/GPGPU to FreeBSD? Or is it a dead end?

I'm not familiar with the details of what's necessary for compiling
executables for a specific GPU but the compiler, as far as I know,
especially the code generator, needs to know about chip's internal and
so I fear it's like nVidia's chips a black box.


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