"DOS"-style Console Type for IPMI remote console

From: Alexander Langer (alex_at_big.endian.de)
Date: 12/19/03

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    Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 14:28:30 +0100
    To: freebsd-hackers@freebsd.org


    I've got a nifty new server board with an IPMI card.
    The console-redirection over LAN is supposed to work for anything that
    uses DOS-style video modes or characters, i.e. no "graphics mode".
    In fact it works for the BIOS/boot*/loader and first kernel
    messages up to the point where the

    Timecounter "i8254" frequency 1193182 Hz quality 0

    line is printed out. Then the management software tells me that the
    system entered graphics mode, which it can't forward.

    Now, does anybode have an idea how to tell FreeBSD not to switch any
    graphics mode, i.e. keep that stupid plain printout of characters as the
    loader does? I would be very nice to do single-user mode installs that

    I've tried sc/vga with various options, but they don't help, I can't get
    further as the above timecounter line (I assume that's when the vga
    driver registers and tries to detect the vga).

    I'm currently using these options:

    options VGA_NO_FONT_LOADING # don't save/load font
    options VGA_NO_MODE_CHANGE # don't change video modes
    options SC_NO_FONT_LOADING

    none of them helps.

    When using pcvt, the boot messages scroll a bit futher, including the
    avail memory messages, but then stop, with the same message about
    graphics mode as above.

    Any workarounds? Anybody using IPMI console redirection over LAN and
    had success?

    Thanks & Ciao


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