Re: running freebsd in qemu using the "-nographic" option ?

From: Julian Elischer (
Date: 03/23/05

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    Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 11:54:15 -0800
    To: Aziz KEZZOU <>

    Aziz KEZZOU wrote:

    >Hi all,
    >I am running freebsd 5.3 under qemu (a fast IA32 emulator). My host
    >system is linux. Everything works fine, but I want to get rid of this
    >small non-scrollable window, not practical when gcc says I made many
    >many errors :-)...

    you can scroll it after hittong tthe "scroll lock" key

    >Instead I want to get a console. In qemu's documentation it says :
    > Normally, QEMU uses SDL to display the VGA output. With this
    >option, you can totally disable graphical output so that QEMU is a
    >simple command line application. The emulated serial port is
    >redirected on the console. Therefore, you can still use QEMU to debug
    >a Linux kernel with a serial console.
    >So basically what I need is, some how, to tell the freebsd kernel to
    >forward its output/input to a serial port. In linux this is done by
    >supplying the parameter "console=ttyS0". Is there something equivalent
    >in FreeBSD ?

    in /boot/loader.conf add:


    that should do it..

    >Thanks for your help,
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