Re: increasing dd disk to disk transfer rate

Bakul Shah wrote:
In the last episode (Jan 12), Christoph Kukulies said:

dd if=/dev/ad2 conv=noerror,sync bs=64k | dd of=/dev/ad3 bs=64k

So now on the new disk he has files with random blocks of
zeroes and *no* error indication of which files are so
trashed.  This is asking for trouble.  Silent erros are

He ought to do a file level copy, not disk level copy on
unix.  That way he knows *which* files are trashed and can do

The problem is, FreeBSD panics when it encounters bad sectors in filesystem metadata. I had the same situation ~a month ago and gave up, restoring from old backups. It will also probably panic on corrupted or zeroed metadata, but at least it's on a readable disk...

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