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I have a USB floppy drive and a USB flash card reader/writer. At
various times, neither, one, or both devices are plugged into the
computer. Depending upon when each is plugged in, the floppy
drive might become /dev/da0 and the flash reader/writer /dev/da1,
or vice versa. Is there a way to specify which should be which?

AFAIK, no, but if you just need to have constant device names, you
can use labels provided by glabel(8), e.g. if you issue
# glabel label -v MYFLASH /dev/da0 when da0 is flash, you'll
always have /dev/label/MYFLASH entry whenever you flash is

Unfortunately, this technique can't be used with floppy, for
glabel information is stored on the media itself, that is you
need to label every floppy separately.

Hope that helps.

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