Re: Updated Driver for 3945ABG Intel 3945ABG Wireless LAN controller

Mån 2007-01-08 klockan 00:05 +1030 skrev Benjamin Close:
Hi Folks,
I did the port as my searching led me to believe that progress on a
driver had stagnated.
Port 1: was done by Damien himself
Port 2: was an updated version by Daminen:
which seems to be duplicated here:
With version 2 being minor bug fixes to version 1 to try and get it
working. Since then the driver has come a long way in netbsd with the
FreeBSD version just getting older.

To others working on a wpi driver, please post something indicating what
you've done and even a sample of what your up to so we can one build one
driver that just works. I also did the driver port as everything I found
failed to work on a 64bit kernel, most the time wouldn't even compile.

Gavin Atkinson (CC'ed) is AFAIK also working on wpi(4) for FreeBSD,
according to his announcement on net@:


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