Idea for FreeBSD

To who it may concern,

I am A FreeBSD administrator as well as a Solaris Administrator. I use
BSD at home but Solaris at work. I love both OS's but I would like to
increase the administrative capability of FreeBSD.

In Solaris 10 the Services Management Facility (SMF) was introduced.
Basically what it does, is take all the rc.d scripts and puts them into
a database to manage. Everything is converted to XML and two basic
commands (svcs and svcadm) are used to manage everything.

I would like to submit the idea of implementing a similar environment
into FreeBSD. After looking through the developers links and googling I
found no project for FreeBSD that implemented anything similar to this.
I have included a link below to give a better understanding of SMF and
its capabilities.

Is it possible, if it does not exist already, to look at the
possibility of implementing the concept of SMF into FreeBSD? I would
gladly be an active supporter in this endeavor.

Will Bentley
Future CIS
"Your resource for computer expertise!"

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