Re: bus device driver

From a hardware perspective, how do your devices know which addresses to decode? Do they consume subranges of BARs or are they assigned fixed addresses somehow? Do they have programmable decoders of some sort themselves? If you wish to have the PCI bus assign you resources then that implies that your PCI device has a BAR and that you want to request resources for that BAR and then hand out subranges of that to your children. If that is the case, then you will need to allocate the resources for the BAR for the PCI device from the PCI bus. Then your bus driver for the PCI device will need to suballoc from that BAR to your children devices.

My device decodes one ram address range (16MB) and gives me
one interrupt line.
As my sub-devices operate on partial address areas my idea was to
let them all call bus_alloc_resource() with the same rid parameter (= BAR selector)
and different offsets. So the bookkeeping should be done by the pci driver, right?

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