Re: ntpd hangs under FBSD 8

On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 03:56:35PM -0600, Peter Steele wrote:
How do I get libc built with full debug symbols?

I haven't tried it by myself but think here is the way to go: put the following to /etc/make.conf and recompile needed libraries / ports.

That didn't seem to have any effect. I still see -O2 being used
instead of -O0.

The flag you should look at is '-g'. GCC supports debuggind symbols
together with -O2 optimizations.
Others have posted suggenstions how to build libraries with debugging
symbols which go in the same direction. However, with the above
variables in make.conf you do not need to remember all the places where
you have to put DEBUG_FLAGS=-g in the command line. Just normal
buildworld and buildkernel targets will dtrt. That is, you will get
the complete base system with debug symbols. The variable WITH_DEBUG=yes
is for the software from ports.

Just FYI.

Mmm... Do other daemons (sshd, lpd, ...) also fail when started
through this script? Normal commands (ls, ps) seem not affected.

I tried a few other things and they all seemed to run correctly.
We use this same general approach in the full version of this script
to launch lots of applications. Its role in fact is a process
launcher/monitor. I stripped it down to the bare minimum in order
to isolate the cause of the problem. It seems that only ntpd hangs,
but not if I use Python 2.5.1.

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