Re: Compiling kernel with gcc43

2010/3/24 Mario Lobo <lobo@xxxxxxxxxx>


I followed the instructions from

to see if I can achieve some performance gain (8-STABLE r205630 amd64) and
also get a more modern instruction set for my Phenom II (amdfam10), so I've
done the following config settings:


.if !empty(.CURDIR:M/usr/ports/*) && exists(/usr/local/bin/gcc43)

libmap.conf gcc43/ gcc43/ gcc43/ gcc43/ gcc43/

buildworld goes on normally it seems, but when I tried to build the kernel,
the first stop came from the option used by the kernel build "-fformat-
extensions", which is not accepted by gcc43, so I took it out of
/usr/src/sys/conf/, the ONLY place I found it.

It seemed to solve the problem until gcc43 stopped because of the "-Werror"
option, which is all over the place!. Funny that gcc42 (used by default)
doesn't stop because of this option.

Anyway,my question boils down to: Is there a way to build the kernel with
gcc43, with minimal tweaking? Am i attempting something out of my league?

Mario Lobo

Any suggestions/Comments?

Should I just dump the gcc43 idea and try this with clang/llvm?

I've seen

Anything else to watch out for when building world/kernel/ports?

Mario Lobo
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