Re: Keeping /etc/localtime up-to-date

2011/3/28 <dieterbsd@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
And while I (think I) recall that the equivalent of /etc/localtime
was implemented in some version of SunOS many years ago as a symlink,
I believe that approach could be problematic for FreeBSD, as it
could impose some unintended requirements on some of the start-up

I have been running FreeBSD and NetBSD with /etc/localtime being
a symlink for years and have not seen any problems as a result.

The symlink's target is in /usr (/usr/share/zoneinfo/), which is
separated in the default partition layout.
But both /etc/rc.d/adjkerntz and /usr/src/UPDATING require mounting
filesystems before calling adjkerntz, so it should be ok.

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